TokudenWe develop, manufacture, and sell Induction Heated Jacket Rolls®, special reactors and transformers, induction heating pots, and temperature controllers in addition to electromagnetic induction equipment and other equipment for which we combine electromagnetic induction and uniform-temperature technologies.

Tokuden products for the nonwovens industry

Spunbond / Meltblown

  • Induction heated calender rolls
  • Induction heated press rolls, leakage and maintenance free

Spunlace, Airlaid, Carding, Wetlaid

  • Induction heated calender rolls


  • Induction heated jacket rolls

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TokudenHigh-Precision Thermal Processing Made Possible by Homegrown Technologies The continuous Jacket Chamber distributes heat uniformly over the roll surface. Creation of products that are homogenous to the maximum degree.


Three technologies are responsible for making these ultra-uniform-temperature, high-precision thermal processing rolls a reality.

TokudenJacket Rolls® incorporate induction heating technology that causes the roll shell itself to generate heat with the Jacket Chamber® surrounding the roll shell outer surface to maintain the roll surface temperature accuracy within 0.5°C. This technology enables ultra-precise thermal processing.

01Jacket Chamber

Thermal media evaporate and condense repeatedly inside the dozens of vacuumed spaces (Jacket Chambers®) inside the roll shell. The roll shell absorbs and disperses the thermal energy created by these reactions, and this causes the temperature on the roll surface to remain uniform.

02Induction Coil

Magnetic flux occurs when an alternating current is provided to an induction coil. This induces a current on the inside of the roll shell, and the resistance heat causes the roll shell to generate heat. High-temperature thermal energy is achieved from the direct generation of heat by the roll shell itself.

03Involute Core

Cores made up of a collection of strips of insulated magnesium sheets formed into an involute shape greatly reduce iron loss (heat generated by the core itself that cannot be used effectively). This technology also keeps power loss to a minimum.


TokudenWide range of temperature settings
Induction heating draws on the magnetic field which is produced by the electric current applied to the induction coil. This system provides high temperatures and precise control in 1°C increments from 40°C to 420°C.

Uniform surface temperature distribution
The heat-pipe principle maintains a uniform temperature both across and around the roll. The temperature profile remains uniform whether or not a thermal load is applied.

Compact, easy-to-operate electrical system
Since only electricity is required, there is no need for peripheral equipment or additional construction. The equipment takes up minimal space and is simple to operate.

Clean, low-maintenance operation
Because there is no steam, oil or other combustibles circulated, the electronic (induction) heating system results in a clean work environment. In addition, the design minimizes maintenance.