We - Kasen Nozzle Mfg. Co. Ltd. - have been manufacturing various kind of spinnerets used for synthetic fiber and Nonwoven production since established in 1948.

It have contributed to the synthetic fiber industry in response to customer needs that are highly accurate year by year and short delivery time.

“2nd mid-term management plan” will be started 2019. Based on this we will improve our precious processing technology accumulated for many years and challenge to develop the requirements in the field of electronics, bio technology, energy, medical, environment, to be accepted globally.

Also, we will not only increase Kasen brand, keep stakeholder and share service to the society but also make a workplace in which all member of company has a feeling of progress and confidence.

– President Kazuya Togawa –

Spunbond Spinnerets

Nonwoven fabrics made of spunbond are being developed in various fields as industrial materials as well as hygiene materials such diaper and napkins. Kasen is available for designing and manufacturing spinnerets and complete spinpacks for standard PP/PES or bi-component applications at highest quality standards.

Kasen Nozzle spinnerets and MB dies are the benchmark in the industry!


Length: Up to 7000mm
Material: SUS630, SUS431, others
Polymer: Polypropylene / Polyester / Others

Meltblown dies

Kasen is manufacturing key components parts such as spinnerets, air lips and die heads for nonwoven production. Parts are available in widths from 200mm for R&D to 6.500mm for commercial production. For nonwoven materials Kasen manufactures MB dies with hole densities up to 55 HPI for highest hydro head requirements.

We also supply complete MB lines on full turnkey basis. Customer can make evaluation in advance by our pilot machine.


Length: Up to 6500mm
Material: SUS630, SUS431, etc.
Polymer: Polypropylene / Polyester / Others

We can supply die assembly with specific design.