As part of the Bellmer Group, Bellmer GapCon is pleased to provide high quality products and services in several domains where the requirement exists. Our group consists of highly knowledgeable experts with a background covering more than 120 years of experience in the paper industry. Our expertise lies in sales, application engineering, manufacturing and start-up services for all kind of paper machine sections; from approach flow to winder. Our aim is to provide cost effective and customized solutions.

Bellmer GapCon products for the nonwovens industry

  • Calenders for State-of-the-Art nonwovens lines EconPRO
  • Embossing Rollers EconROLLVT
  • Crown Compensation Rollers EconROLLHT
  • Roller Service, Roller Sealing upgrades with EconSEAL


Thermobonding Calenders for your Nonwovens Lines

High efficiency calender for thermobonding applications operating up to 280°C.

Calender Upgrades and Retrofits

There is always potential for cost savings and optimizations.


Rolls with Crown Compensating Technology

A deflection compensation roll type for high temperature processes of up to 280°C equipped with advanced sealing technology EconSEAL™.


Engraving Rolls, peripherally drilled

· Designed for the perfect interaction with the EconROLL HTTM
· 100% compatible with your existing calenders


for any Type of Calenders and Rolls

Bellmer GapCon offers all types of services related to calenders and a variety of deflection compensated roll types.