Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded as State-Run Shaoyang No.2 Textile Machinery Factory in November, 1968. We are the wholly-owned subsidiary of CHTC Jove Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. of CHTC (a state-owned enterprise). At present, we are the domestic research and manufacturing base of China for acrylic/polyester equipment, and finishing equipment of printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, we are the key hi-tech enterprise of China Torch Program and a hi-tech enterprise of Hunan province.

Covering an area of 610,000sqm and possessing 170,00sqm of plants, we now mainly produce 2 types (Chemical fiber equipment and finishing equipment of printing and dyeing industry) and over 200 kinds of products, including Chemical fiber equipment (sets) for polyester, nylon, PP, acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, high strength high modulus PE, vinylon, acetate fiber and Nonwoven fabric.

Shaoyang Spunmelt Lines for hygiene and medical applications

spunmelt line shaoyang

Shaoyang manufacturers state-of-the-art spunmelt lines for hygiene and medical applications.
Cost effective solutions for your nonwovens production

Spunmelt Machine configurations:

  • S, SS or SSS spunbond setup (single, double or triple spunbond configuration)
  • SMS, SMMS and SSMMS composite spunmelt configuration with spunbond and MB beams for hygiene and medical applications

Available machine width:

  • up to 3.200mm nominal width
  • Mechanical line speed: Up to 800 m/min

Downstream equipment (calender, kiss roll, dryer oven, winder/slitter etc):

  • Downstream equipment made in China for lowest investment costs at high functionality and quality level
  • Downstream equipment made in Europe for advanced product standards and requirements of the hygiene industry

Shaoyang Textile Machinery and Oerlikon Nonwoven company contract cooperation

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Hengtian group and the 50th anniversary of Shaoyang textile mill. On the occasion of the two "" anniversaries" ", Shaoyang Textile Machinery attended the China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA ASIA CITME in Shanghai from oct 15 to 19.At this exhibition, Shaoyang Textile Machinery and Oerlikon group company successfully signed the contract on the nonwoven project.

Oerlikon group, a Swiss company with a history of 100 years, is one of the world's most innovative industrial groups with more than 19,000 employees and 180 branches in 37 countries around the world. Its products are representative of the world's most advanced technology in many fields, and its chemical fiber equipment, surface treatment, additive manufacturing and transmission system technologies and products are all global leaders. In 2017, the group established the Oerlikon (Oerlikon) nonwoven business division. Oerlikon Nonwoven business unit has reached cooperation with China Shaoyang Textile Machinery co., LTD on spinning and melting production lines to promote the application and development of nonwovens technology in the health materials market, Oerlikon(Oerlikon) was officially announced at the exhibition on oct 18, 2018.At the same time, Dr. Ingo Mählmann, President of Sales of Oerlikon Nonwoven business, told the news media at the OUTLOOK conference held in Croatia, Europe, that the cooperation with Shaoyang was of great significance.

“The purpose of the two parties is to jointly promote the international business development of the production lines for spinning and melting of nonwoven fibre products outside China through this cooperation. Led by Oerlikon Nonwoven division, I was responsible for the entire project and provided CE certification guidance and engineering design for all production lines of Shaoyang Textile Machinery export. Shaoyang Textile Machinery is responsible for providing services such as equipment design, manufacturing, installation and process driving.”